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Missanabie aerial viewWith over 300 miles of shoreline, Dog Lake is a huge, sprawling body of water that plays host to several species of fish.

Walleye, Northern Pike, Jumbo Perch, Lake Trout and small Mouth Bass can all be found here. Maps of the lake are available both at the Restaurant and at the Bait Shop.

Boat & Motor Rentals:

  • 16' Boat & 15hp Motor $260.00/week
  • 16' Boat Only $125.00/week
  • 24' Pontoon Boat & 40hp Motor $400.00/week
  • 20' Boat & 40hp Motor $400.00/week
(price does not include gas or tax)
**Fishing Licenses are no longer available**

Fishing trip Ernie's Cottages & Campground